When will my order ship?

All orders are processed within 2-3 business days.  You will receive an email when your item is shipped out and it will include your tracking number to check the status of the item. 

Any issues with your shipment or order please email:

Where you do you ship?

Currently, all 50 USA states.  We hope to expand that in the near Future!

Using my EL Hydration Pack

Will this bag fit me correctly and is it adjustable?

Yes and YES! These bags were designed to fit people of all shapes and sizes! The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and can be worn as a loose or snug fit.

How do I fill the bladder?

You simply unzip the pocket with the bladder inside, unscrew the cap and fill! You can also undo the Velcro stability strap holding the bladder inside the bag and take out the entire bladder for easy filling.

How do I drink the water from the bladder?

Unwrap the plastic packaging first. These are high grade mouth pieces that not only provide great water suction, but also have a protective cap and an on/off switch. No more getting your mouth piece dirty or having it leak all over you! Once filled with water, take off cap, make sure on/off valve is on and bite the end of the mouthpiece and suck for water flow.

My bladder is leaking, how do I fix it? 

While a rare issue, about 99% of the time this is an easy fix! The hose piece can sometimes become loose and just needs to be tightened into the bladder connector. Simply screw the hose piece clockwise into the connector and the o-ring will tighten and seal right up! 

Whats up with this secret pocket...?

What secret pocket.......? This is knowledge for Elevated Lyfe bag owners only :)

What do I do before I get ready to use my Elevated Lyfe Pack?

  • Clean out bladder prior to each use. Use warm water and a minimal amount of soap and swish around.  Make sure to rinse thoroughly.
  • Check the seal on the cap by filling the bladder with water and lifting it upside down to make sure it is sealed tightly.
  • Put bladder in pouch in the main compartment and fasten bladder to bag with the velcro stabilitiy straps.

Returns & Exchanges  

What is the return policy?

We accept returns or exchanged within 30 days. The bag must be in original packaging and in an unused condition.

For issues with returns or exchanges or if you believe you received a damaged item please email us at